Natural Gas Highlights Inequality for Turkish Cypriots

North Cyprus News - Kudret OzersayThe natural gas issue has revealed a more important and urgent situation than the 50-year-long inconclusive Cyprus negotiations, Foreign Minister Kudret Ozersay has said.

If the international actors want to help they should take an initiative on the natural gas issue and make the Greek Cypriot leadership sit at the table on this issue. If those who try to bring the sides to the table for a vicious cycle [aimed at] a federal solution, despite the fact that they see that a federal solution is not possible, then what they want is the continuation of the status quo but not a solution”, he said.

Stating that alongside the natural gas issue itself, it was also important to create a mechanism which will secure the Turkish Cypriot people’s rights on these resources, Özersay said, “this is possible by involving the will of the Turkish Cypriot people in this process. What we are looking for is not the establishment of an ineffective and unauthorised committee which will only discuss the issue.

Touching on the recent decision of the UN Security Council to extend the UNFICYP mandate for another six months, he said the Security Council did not show courage by facing the facts.

North Cyprus News - VaroshaPointing out that it will not be possible to achieve stability on this geography without creating a fairer situation, Özersay stressed that the Turkish Cypriot side should take part at the negotiating table to agree on the issue of natural gas issue.

Also touching upon the Varosha/Maraş issue, he reminded that the decision taken by the council of ministers was to hold an inventory study in fenced-off town.

Explaining that they will make moves according to the result of this study, Özersay said “our main principle was to carry out this study without harming the property rights of the Vakıflar Foundation and the previous owners”.


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