Near East University Hospital to offer transplant service

The Near East University Hospital is now ready to carry out liver, kidney, heart, bone marrow and stem cell transplantations as well as artificial heart operations, Mr Ahmet Savasan, a member of the hospital’s Board of Directors has announced.

Savasan said that all necessary preparations to carry out these procedures are now completed and the hospital staff have completed their training in this speciality. The staff have gained comprehensive training abroad both on organ transplantation and on patient risk, including children and adults, who could lose their lives because of organ failure.

He stated that specialists, qualified to carry out operations for organ and bone marrow transplantations are on duty at the hospital, as are fully trained support staff such as nurses and theatre assistants.

The director added that the Transplantation Department of NEU Hospital has been established with an advanced technical infrastructure and specialist staff, by Prof. Dr Nerin Bahceciler, who is also the Department Head of Paediatrics, and is ready to carry out transplant operations

Mr Savasan also emphasised that transplantation operations will be carried out after the necessary legal procedures are put in place, and the Near East University Hospital will begin studies on raising public awareness on the subject of organ donation.

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