Nearly 20% of TRNC youth are unemployed

Unemployment and poverty are the two main problems for the youth of the TRNC, economist and financial advisor Gorkem Celebioglu has said. He warned that this could lead to social disaster, adding that the politicians have turned a blind eye to the problem.

State statistics show that the youth unemployment rate in the TRNC has reached 19.6%, Celebioglu said. By 2020, the number of unemployed is expected to increase by 3,500 per year, he argued.

Pointing out that there are 40,000 foreign workers in the TRNC, Celebioglu further added that 18,500 workers out of 110,000, in total, are civil servants or government officials.

Referring to the possibility of reaching a solution to the Cyprus problem, Celebioglu said that in this case, government officials have no ‘Plan B’ concerning the corruption of the civil service in the north.

He also urged the government to undertake immediate measures to help solve the unemployment problem.

Halkin Sesi

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