We need to cooperate with Turkey: Kalyoncu

“We need a positive relationship with Turkey during a time when our government is preparing for new investments and for the implementation of many reforms and projects”, Prime Minister Omer Kalyoncu has said.

Referring to the agreement he recently signed with Turkey on water management in the TRNC, he said that following “uphill struggles we managed to make changes in line with the expectations of our people and gained ground on the control and management of the water”.

He described the water agreement signed with Turkey as satisfactory for both countries. Management of the water will be the responsibility of the TRNC, he said.

Stressing that the water project should be used for peace and convergences in the Cyprus negotiations, Kalyoncu expressed the hope that the water will open a new era in relations between the two countries and bring peace, stability and mutual benefit.

 “A bright future and establishment of a federal Cyprus in equality and peace will depend on these good relations”, he stated.

Referring to the economic protocol to be signed with Turkey, he said the final technical arrangements of the protocol were made during his visit in Ankara.


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