We need two separate states in Cyprus: Ozgurgun

Huseyin Ozgurgun, chairman of the National Unity Party (UBP), has stated that the Cyprus problem has existed for 53 years and absolutely no progress has been achieved. In statements yesterday to Ada television, Ozgurgun claimed that the aim of the Greek Cypriots is to “patch” the Turkish Cypriots into the Republic of Cyprus and take away some of their rights. “As for us, we want a new model based on two separate founding states”, he noted adding that “for years only the delegations have changed, but the same things are said”.

Referring to the identity of the Turkish Cypriots, Ozgurgun argued that it is wrong to make the Cypriot identity an issue in politics and declared: “I am a Cypriot and I am proud, but at the end I am also a Turk, like a person from Trabzon, from Antep”.

He said that the: “The situation in Cyprus today suits everybody. The EU, the USA, Greece, Turkey, Britain have bases here and they use them without anyone even knowing anything. It is a sovereign area. Actually, this suits us as well. Those who remember the period before 1974 can understand, where we have been and where we have arrived. A half island with seven universities, a bed capacity of approximately half a million, Turkey investing 3.3 billion dollar in two years, a people that administrates itself living here, having created its own public system and state even though its income is not sufficient.

Being economically dependent changes nothing. Both Turkey and Britain are economically dependent on somewhere [else]. There is no country in the world which is not dependent on somewhere [else]. In the end we are happy. If there is a change in the Cyprus problem, there will definitely be unpredictable loses. Everyone has taken a position and does not want to go back?”

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