Negotiations Begin to Launch New Flagship Airline

North Cyprus News - Deputy PM Erhan Arikli
[Minister for Public Works and Transport – Erhan Arıklı]
Saturday, 16 April 2022

 The coalition government is still planning to launch a flagship airline for the TRNC, Yeniduzen reported.

Minister of Public Works and Transport Erhan Arıklı, held talks in Istanbul on the establishment of a new airline company in the TRNC; “The target is to begin the first flights of our own airline company in March 2023… I hope we will”, he said.

Arıklı, who accompanied Prime Minister Faiz Sucuoğlu on his visit to Ankara, went on to Istanbul and held talks about the new airline company.

Speaking on the phone to BRT, Arıklı stated that he had gone to Istanbul to negotiate on the new airline to be established after the programme was completed in Ankara and that he would return to the TRNC tomorrow afternoon.

The transport minister said that he is doing his best to take concrete steps regarding the new airline company and said, “But the economic crisis in the world has affected Turkey as well as the TRNC. Airline companies in particular are in a very difficult situation. It is very meaningful for us to make a new initiative at this time, but we have to do it because we are sad to see that the flight ticket prices during the holiday are astronomical and there are no tickets available”. 

Arıklı said, “The target is to perform the first flights of our own airline company in March 2023… I hope we will“.

He noted that he had met with an airline company in Istanbul, which also has companies in Europe, and that they started working to come to an agreement. The aim being to get results in a short time.


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