Negotiations have been productive: Akinci

The current negotiations have achieved more progress within the past five months than what was achieved in the last 47 years, President Akinci has said.

He added that if both sides continue in the same vein, it would be possible to find a solution within months, not years.

Making statements after Wednesday’s meeting with Greek Cypriot President Anastasiades and UNSG Special Adviser on Cyprus Espen Barth Eide, Akinci said the want to be able to make concrete statements on the forthcoming stages of the talks. He repeated that both sides shared the same target – to hold a referendum before May 2016, when the South will have its elections.

Referring to the incidents in Syria, Akinci described them as “saddening developments” adding that this situation will not influence the negotiations in Cyprus. He said that they want more “peaceful and stable” developments in the local area.

Noting that reaching a result in the negotiations now is closer than ever before in comparison to the past 47 years, Akinci said that the intensive series of negotiations held in November had been “productive”, adding that they had reached a “good point” within a month.

Akinci noted that at the meeting, the leaders had decided to establish a committee on education following the attacks carried out against the Turkish Cypriots last week in Nicosia. “The future generations must grow up in peace and tolerance”, he said adding that the decisions of this committee are important for preparing society for the future.

According to Eide’s statement after the meeting, the leaders will meet three times next month, that is, on 4, 15 and 20th December, while the negotiators will meet every day.

Kibris Gazetesi

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