Negotiations should conclude by year’s end: Olgun

Turkish Cypriot negotiator Ergun Olgun has said that the Turkish Cypriot side’s will for a settlement to the Cyprus problem is strong. He added that he hoped to see the same on the Greek Cypriot side. Speaking in a television interview, Olgun said that there is great instability in the region and that the region could not cope if it deteriorated any further.

Referring to the Special Adviser on Cyprus Espen Barth Eide’s statement that in order to conclude the Cyprus talks, there needed to be structured, intensive negotiations within a natural timetable, Olgun said that the talks cannot continue forever. He also said that their aim is to conclude the negotiations by the end of the year, which feels like a natural time limit. He added that whatever issue you take up, including hydrocarbons and Varosha – the main target is a comprehensive solution.

Noting that there is a need for an agreement in Cyprus, Olgun said that a financial recovery package will not be enough to get South Cyprus’ economy back on its feet. The South needs a solution to the Cyprus problem to help revive its economy, he said. He added: “There is a serious financial crisis in South Cyprus. It is not possible to solve it with a recovery package. The basic engine of its economy has burned out.”

Star Kibris

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