NEU Builds 3D Bio-printer

The Near East University has built a 3D bio-printer which is an important tool in the field of tissue engineering, biomaterials, cancer and drug research.

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The NEU3D laboratory has made a printer which can mimic natural tissue characteristics by using 3D printing techniques. Currently, the equipment and software required for basic 3D biomarkers have been completed and motion and coordination tests are also complete.

The three-dimensional bio-printer, the science community’s new favourite tissue and cell engineering device, is the first 3D design and printing laboratory in Cyprus and the surrounding regions.

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Project manager, Associate Professor Emil Mammadov said that they had completed the design, production and testing stages in two years, and they plan to begin cell and tissue culture studies this year.

Given the importance of this device in the field of tissue engineering, cancer and drug research, this project will contribute to the science of biomaterials by facilitating research into new biomaterials, Professor Mammadov said. He stressed that the device will also be used to investigate the compatibility of living cells and biomaterials within a three-dimensional environment.

Kibris News Agency

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