NEU postpones 25th Annversary events over Soma mine disaster

Many of NEU’s 25th anniversary events have been postponed to a later date

Activities such as concerts, exhibitions, dance and theatre performances that were scheduled to be held within the scope of the 25th anniversary events of the Near East University have been postponed to a later date due to the tragic disaster at Soma coal mine in Turkey, ‘Kibris Postasi’ has reported.

According to the press statement; 15 May Piri Reis Map Exhibition was postponed to May 16. 16 May Milano night tango show was postponed to a later date. 17 May Şebnem Ferah concert was postponed to May 31. 18 May NEU Big Carnival was postponed to June 1. The theatre performances that were planned to be held this week were postponed to a later date.

Near East FM, which operates under the umbrella of NEU Faculty of Communication, has discontinued broadcast programs comprising entertaining contents. Near East TV has also discontinued broadcast music and entertainment programs.

“At Near East University we feel deep sorrow for the loss of lives as a result of the tragedy in the coal mine in Soma, in the province of Manisa in Turkey. The death toll in the coal mine has increased to 282 and almost 200 miners still trapped underground and rescuers desperately have been racing against time to reach them.

May god rest the souls of those who lost their lives, give endless patience to their families and heal the injured ones. Our hearts are with those who are still waiting to hear the fate of the miners that trapped underground in the mine,” the statement reads.

The Deep Purple Concert still appears to be on schedule for Saturday 24th May. Clink on link to get free E-tickets.

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