NEU represented at Kyoto genetics conference

Two professors from the Near East University Faculty of Medicine presented two case studies at the 13th International Congress of Human Genetics, which was held in Kyoto, Japan.

According to an NEU press release, all European and American groups studying human genetics participated in the event, which is held biennially.

Dr. Yeliz Cengiz from the Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Dr. Mahmut Çerkez Ergören from the NEU’s Department of Medical Biology jointly presented “A Case study on Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in Rare Genetic Disorders”. This is only the second the 2nd case study reported in the world,

Dr. Cengiz’s presentation drew the attention of neuroscientists.

Furthermore, it was stated that the work of NEU Academic Member of Department of Medical Biology, Assist. Prof. Dr. Mahmut Çerkez Ergören, which was described as one of the greatest genetic epidemiology studies in Northern Cyprus, titled “Genetic Mapping of Cardiology Patients in the Cyprus Turkish Community” had also drawn significant attention of multidisciplinary researchers at the congress.

Subsequent to these presentations, a joint decision was taken to conduct a meta-analysis with the world’s leading centres, to share information and give consultations.

NEU Public Relations Department

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