NEU to be represented at International Genetics Conference

The Near East University Hospital along with participants from the USA, Britain, Italy, Germany, Denmark and many other countries will make representations at the 11th National Medical Genetics Congress that will be held in Istanbul between 24-27 September 2014, Kibris Postasi’ reports.

Professor Nedime Serakıncı, who established the Medical Genetics and Cancer Diagnosis and Research Centre at NEU will deliver the opening speech at the Congress, which will bring together leading genetic scientists.

This is the second time Prof. Serakıncı has been invited to attend the Congress which is held once every two years. Prof. Serakıncı will deliver a speech and make a presentation on “Tumour formation of mesenchymal stem cells and their role in treatment”.

In addition, the NEU’s Department of Medical Genetics will make three other presentations titled, ”Vitamin D Receptor Gene’s Role in the cardio metabolic disease and its use as biomarkers “, “The first genetic database of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Genetic Mutation Database of Near East University (” and “Biochemical Screening Tests Producing High Risk on Aneuploidy and Comparison of Prenatal Diagnosis Results”.

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