New Adult Education Centre to open this year

Regional Administrator of the Islamic Development Bank Ghassam M.H Almarzouki, is currently visiting the TRNC to inspect an Adult Education and Apprenticeship centre, that is currently under construction. The bank is partly financing the project.

Almarzouki was pleased to see that the construction of the educational complex is progressing rapidly and to learn that the new building will be ready to receivee students in the upcoming school year.

Taner Akcan Apprenticeship and Adult Education Centre, will consist of 5 classrooms, 3 workshops, one multi-purpose conference hall, cafeteria and teachers’ rooms. The purpose of the centre, is to train people for the construction sector. A special facility is being built so that students can also socialise.

The cost of the project will be 3 million TL, according to Turkish Cypriot daily ‘Yeni Duzen’ and the bank is expected to contribute with the amount of 200,000 US$ (720,000TL).

In a series of contacts, Almarzouki, also held a meeting with the Turkish Cypriot Craftsmen and Trade Union.

Yeni Duzen

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