New anti-nuclear power organisation launched

A new organisation called “No to Nuclear Platform” which comprises twenty two civil society organisations, unions and three political parties was launched today, ‘Kibris Postasi’ reports.

Spokesperson Hasan Sarpten and several members of the Platform held a press conference at the Doctors’ Union building in Nicosia and announced the foundation of the platform.

At the press conference Hasan Sarpten criticised Turkey’s plans to build a nuclear plant in Akkuyu, Mersin (above) located only 90 km away from Cyprus. He emphasised the hazards to the environment as well as the potential hazards to human health, that the nuclear power plant would present.

The members of the Platform are:

Biologist Association, Doctors’ Union, Chamber of Environmental Engineers, Chamber of Landscape Architects, Green Action Group, Friends of Karpas, Dieticians Union, MS Association, Association for Cancer Patients, Universal Patients’ Rights Association, Feminist Workshop, Baraka Culture Centre, Path to Independence Organization, Kuşkor, Güç-sen, Kamu-sen, Çam-Sev, Union of Writers and Artists, Tıp-İş, BKP, YKP, TDP.

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