New bi-communal Europe Direct Centre opens

Head of the European Commission Representation in Cyprus, Georgios Markopouliotis, and the Mayor of North Nicosia Mehmet Harmancı presided over the opening ceremony of the new bi-communal Europe Direct Centre in Nicosia.

Europe Direct Nicosia was established in February 2015 by the Association for Historical Dialogue and Research EDIC Nicosia. It is co-funded by the EU and is a part of wider Europe Direct network, which aims to provide accessible, user-friendly information to EU citizens about their rights and opportunities, as well as on the priorities, policies and programmes of the European Union.

The citizens of Nicosia can be served in Greek, Turkish and English at the centre which is in the Home for Cooperation building.

Upon welcoming the attendants, Markopouliotis referred to the crucial role of EDIC.

“Together with the Representations they make Brussels more accessible to citizens”, Markopouliotis noted.

He said that he hoped that “residents of Nicosia from both sides of the Green Line will indeed use this tool we placed at their disposal”, stressing that the EDICs are there to serve the citizens, to help them better understand the EU and its policies that aim at improving citizens’ daily life.

Concluding, Mr Markopouliotis quoted President Juncker, who reiterated this morning his hope, his ambition and his wish to see the island united next year, expressing his confidence that this is feasible in the current conditions.

Speaking on behalf of the Turkish Cypriot community, Mehmet Harmancı stressed the importance of the presence of the EU on the negotiations table, as a technical advisor. He pointed out that more bi-communal projects and initiatives should be implemented. “If there will be a solution soon, we will all have to work together”, he said, adding that, in order for projects to be implemented, EU financial support and guidance is needed.

Famagusta Gazette

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