New Border Crossings Could Open Mid-November

North Cyprus News - Akinci - Kyrenia Tourism FestivalPresident Mustafa Akinci has said that during the meeting he will hold on 26 October with President Anastasiades they will discuss the future of the island and determine a date for the opening of the Derinya and Aplic border crossing points.

Addressing a festival in Bağlıköy village in the Lefke region, Akinci said the following as regards his meeting with President Anastasiades:

“I believe that we will determine a date with Anastasiades, which will not be very far away, and if we need to be more specific, around the middle of November, regarding the opening of the borders. I wish for this to seriously contribute not only to Lefke, but the villages bordering the region. […]”

Referring to the Cyprus negotiations, Akinci argued that “the entire world knows now that we have not the luxury of wasting any more time at this juncture”.

North Cyprus News - UNSG Antonio GuterresNoting that his view that open-ended negotiations have ended was included in the UN Secretary-General’s report albeit in an indirect manner, Akinci said:

“Therefore, there could be result-oriented processes which will not be open-ended and will be completed within a reasonable period of time. ‘The period of open-ended processes which are not result-oriented belongs to the past’. This is what the report says. We have exhibited a decisive stance within a framework which is in harmony with this outlook and without abandoning the understanding for a solution, without throwing the agreements reached to date, into the garbage. Of course, we will continue this decisive stance from now on as well”.

Referring to the same statements, BRT reports on its website that Akinci touched upon the “loose federation” model and said that he will listen “with an open mind” to what President Anastasiades has to say. He noted that the Turkish side has all along supported “a two states structure” and that “the powers of the founding states should be at an adequate level”. He argued:

“If a partnership state will be established in Cyprus, the common powers should be commonly used, that is in other words, the decisions should be taken with the participation of both sides. If these are respected, there is nothing which could not be agreed”.


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