New Broom Sweeps Clean

Under the new Labour Minister Zeki Çeler, eight construction sites were inspected by the Labour Inspectorates in Nicosia, six in Kyrenia and two in Güzelyurt. Six sites in Nicosia, six in Girne and one in Güzelyurt had failed to comply with health and safety rules and work was stopped by the Labour Office until necessary measures were taken to comply with safety regulations.

North Cyprus News - Zeki CelerThe number of workplace inspections will be more frequent now, Labour and Social Security Minister Zeki Çeler said. There would be no further tolerance of construction sites that did not take the necessary measures to ensure occupational health and safety.

Çeler emphasised once again the importance of human life; highlighted that creating a safe working environment should be a priority not only in the construction sector but also in every sector.

The labour minister, is calling on representatives of all sectors, especially the construction industry, which is the sector where most work accidents occur, to act in accordance with the health and safety regulations.

The ministry, Çeler added would ensure that every province will be able to hold health and safety inspections.

Kibris Postasi

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