New broom sweeps clean

The newly established interim government was hard at work yesterday.

The Cabinet composed of technocrats met for 5 hours yesterday and reached some important decisions.

Acting Prime Minister Sibel Siber announced that the actor Necati Sasmaz had been sacked from his post as Tourism and Cultural Attache. His appointment in March 2012 and his granting of citizenship within one day had attracted widespread criticism. Ms Siber said that the actor was undoubtedly popular but in a series that had no connection to the TRNC. She felt that such a post should go to someone who had indepth knowledge of the TRNC and its culture and history.

The Cabinet will also be reversing the decision by the previous council of ministers to rent out land in Karakum. This was one of the last acts of the previous government and widely regarded as a vote getting bribe. Ms Siber said that it was inconceivable that state land should be rented out to a private individual at the same time as there refugees from South Cyprus who, after 40 years, were still being told that there was no land for them.

Government income and expenses to be published

PM Siber said that when accounts were closed this evening, work would be done to compile the complete list of income and expenses for the government. This analysis would then be publicised in a manner that was understandable by the general public. Ms Siber has promised that all this information will be available next week via the Finance Ministry’s website. She said, “we gave the public our word, we are here in the name of the people and we will work in an open and transparent manner. Every weekend the government income and expense figures will be updated and published.”

Ms Siber went on to say that every department was starting a review and that the results of these would also be published. She also said that she expected her government to save costs personally and that ministers would travel to and from work in their own cars and not use luxury government vehicles. In fact these RHA registration plate vehicles should only be used when it was absolutely necessary.

The prime minister added that there were many issues that had disturbed the citizens of the TRNC. She hoped that these immediate decisions would provide a sense of relief and that many more decisions would follow that would bring a smile to the face of the public.

She said that the interim government was preparing a programme and that this would be concluded Sunday night and presented on Monday to parliament.

In addition, on Monday the names of two government spokesmen would be announced as Ms Siber wanted information to be freely available to the public.




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