New Charter flights to Ercan proposed

The Akmina Travel Club which started running charter flights to the TRNC in 2011, aims to provide 14 charter flights a week to North Cyprus and bring 55,000 tourists to the north of the island this year.

In statements, Ismail Abidin, chairman of the administration board of Akmina Travel Club which carries out charter flights from several EU countries and which has also opened tourist offices in several countries such the “Citron Travel” in Poland and the “Turistrajiser” in Denmark, has stated that they aim to increase the number of charters flights to the TRNC for 2013, as well as the number of tourists. He added that they particularly aim to increase the number of tourists from Poland.

Speaking at the EMITT tourism fair which took place in Istanbul, Mr. Abidin, whose travel company participated at the fair, said that their aim is to increase the number of tourists who are visiting the TRNC in order to contribute to the promotion of the TRNC worldwide.

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