New Coalition Could be Formed Minus UBP

A great deal of progress has been made to establish a four-party coalition government, between the Republican Turkish Party (CTP), the People’s Party (HP), the Socialist Democracy Party (TDP) and the Democratic Party (DP), Turkish Cypriot daily ‘Kibris’ reports. It also notes that it is even known which ministry each party will undertake.

This possibility is greater than the establishment of a three-party coalition government between the National Unity Party (UBP) which won the election but did not gain enough seats to govern alone, the DP and the Turkish settlers’ Revival Party (YDP), writes Kibris.

North Cyprus News - Four Party Coalition talksThe paper also adds that the meetings between the leaders of CTP, HP, TDP and DP took place yesterday at party leader level. The four leaders replied positively on the possibility of a fourth-party government coalition. The government will be established having the CTP’s chairman Tufan Erhurman as prime minister and the leaders of the other three parties acting as deputy ministers and having a ministry each. The aim is to establish a reform government rather than a short-lived government that will lead the country into new difficulties.

According to the paper, the ministries will be distributed as follows: CTP: 4, HP:3, DP: 3 and TDP: 2. The DP is asking for the ministries of finance and economy, and the other parties did not object to it. HP asked for the ministries of foreign affairs, economy and labour, TDP for the ministries of education and internal affairs. The CTP is left with the prime ministry, ministry of health, transportation and agriculture.

However, because the bargaining is still going on, there may be some changes as regards which party will get each ministry the paper notes.


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