New coalition party holds pre-election meetings

The Democratic Party -National Forces (DP-UG) has held the second of its coordination meetings for the elections of the 28th of July. According to a written statement issued by the party, addressing the meeting, the chairman of DP-UG, Serdar Denktas said that their cause was to strengthen and exalt their state. He went on and said:

“The march to power, which we have started with this target, is a sacred road? Our road is the road of obtaining a strong democratic structure of a state based on the rule of law which could stand on its own feet. We will launch our march towards this target on 28 July. This road will be the key for reaching a just and lasting solution to the Cyprus problem. A North Cyprus which stands on its own feet, by taking Turkey’s support, will sit at the negotiating table as a side which gives directions, not a side which is directed…”

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