New Coalition Promises Sweeping Reforms

The new four-party coalition government under Prime Minister, Tufan Erhurman has prepared a protocol, which consists of 22 articles and provides for the solution of the “chronic problems of the country which have been waiting for a solution for years”.

The protocol provides for the rapid completion of the draft-law as regards the reforms in the public sector and for amending the labour law. According to the protocol, the criteria for granting citizenship will change so that the arbitrary practices applied in this field are prevented and some provisos will be put in place regarding the granting of citizenship. After a certain period of time those who work in North Cyprus with a work permit, will be granted a white card and will have the opportunity to obtain all citizens’ rights except for the right to vote and to stand for election. Furthermore, a law will be implemented providing that the new citizens will not have the right to vote in the first elections after they were granted citizenship.

North Cyprus News - Tufan ErhurmanThe parties also agreed that they will tackle the “lawless, irregular and corrupt actions of the past” regardless of which party had been in power when they were committed, that they will undertake initiatives regarding the police and the attorney general’s office. If necessary, previously granted immunities will be lifted. Moreover, the protocol provides that they re-examine and amend the election law, which was implemented for the first time in the early parliamentary elections held on 7 January, 2018 and was the subject of criticism.

The protocol provides also that the government will undertake an initiative to sign a new mutual assistance agreement with Turkey which will make personal record control possible during entering or exiting the TRNC.

In the protocol, the four coalition partners state also that they will maintain their positions on the negotiations to find a solution to the Cyprus problem. It is noted that the government undertakes to maintain a healthy dialogue with the President as regards the Cyprus negotiations.


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