New coalition will not be influenced by GC opinions

The new coalition government between the National Unity Party (UBP) and the Democratic Party (DP) made statements to clarify the government’s stance on the granting of citizenship when it presented its programme.

Prime Minister Huseyin Ozgurgun (l) referring to the issue, stated that this government will not be taking into consideration the Greek Cypriots’ opinions on the issue of citizenship. “We will do whatever we consider to be right, we will change certain points which are not clear on the law”, he said.

On his part, Deputy Prime Minister Serdar Denktaş (r) stated that one of the main goals of the new government will be to improve relations with Turkey. “We shall be doing our best to achieve the goals we have set, but there is one thing we can promise. We shall be running the country far better than the CTP has been doing for the past three years. The main goal is bringing relations with Turkey to the level that is required”, he stated.

Referring to the citizenship issue, he stated that they would not undermine human rights just so the Greek Cypriots would not be offended or upset at the negotiating table.

Halkin Sesi

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