New Coalition Will Root Out Corruption: Ozersay

Deputy PM and Foreign Minister Kudret Ozersay, commenting on the second round of elections in South Cyprus this Sunday, expressed his view that the outcome of the elections will not change the Greek Cypriot side’s stance at the negotiating table.

The former chief negotiator in the Cyprus talks said: “I’ve sat at the table with all political parties. There is a state policy based on certain principles and the outcome will not have an effect on this. The important thing on the Cyprus Issue is not launching an initiative but looking to see if both sides want the same thing. If both sides don’t want the same thing then the United Nations will not take on a new initiative”.

Speaking on BRT on Wednesday, Ozersay said that the new coalition government’s priority will be to pass the state budget as soon as possible, underlining the need to putting relations with Turkey back on track and establishing direct relations.

Stating that a coalition with the National Unity Party (UBP) was never on his party’s agenda, the HP party leader said that they stood by their earlier decision not to enter a coalition with the UBP.

North Cyprus News - Denktas - Ozyigit - Ozersay - ErhurmanPointing out that the number of coalition partners had nothing to do with how much work the coalition will accomplish, Ozersay said: “The harmony between the partners has nothing to do with numbers. What is important is good will and keeping your word. If there is harmony, good intentions or will, then you can accomplish what you set out to do”. He added that he believed that such harmony could be achieved in the four-party coalition, contributing to social peace.

Ozersay also pointed out that much work was needed to be done in terms of determining where corruption lies within the state structure. “We shall be looking into all of that once the government is formed. We shall be investigating all allegations of corruption, fraud and other irregularities. But the government programme will not only consist of this. We shall be finalising and passing the state budget as soon as possible”, he added.

Touching upon relations between Turkey and the TRNC, Ozersay expressed his view that relations between the two countries were currently not very healthy. He said that dialogue with Turkey should not be established via the media but through direct contact and relations, adding “Putting relations back on track should be our main responsibility”.


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