New container port will damage tourism in Lefke

There is no place for dirty investments in Lefke, local NGOs have said.

Speaking on behalf of civil society organisations in the Lefke region, a joint statement was released by the Coordinator of Civil Society Organisations which stated that “Lefke and region, the development of Guzelyurt Bay, require clean investment and economic activity, sustainable tourism, agriculture and the field of education”.

The group was referring to a bill published in the Official Gazette on July 7, for a new free port at Gemikonağı which had been prepared for submission to the TRNC Assembly.

Lefke and local civil society organisations, in their report, said that they were in favour of a new marina and planned investments that would serve tourism and were not against a new marina and planned investments in tourism. However, they rejected the development of any dirty investment such as a container port at Gemikonağı that would damage the tourist industry.


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