If New Cyprus Talks Fail TRNC Must Gain Recognition: Nami

Negotiations to reunite Cyprus should only reopen if the political status of the Turkish Cyprus is addressed in the event of another failure, said chief negotiator Ozdil Nami.

We as the Turkish Cypriot side would insist that the new process, whatever it is going to be, would have to bring clarity to the status of the Turkish Cypriots in international fora,” Nami told Reuters in an interview.

Asked to clarify, Nami said: “It would have to spell out what our political status be, should the Greek Cypriot side once again say ‘no’. Either ‘no’ to taking a deal to referendum, or going to a referendum and saying ‘no’.

In other words, it meant that Turkish Cypriots should be given some type of recognition if new negotiations failed because of Greek Cypriot intransigence.

This political ambiguity hovering about our heads for almost 50 years must end,” said Nami, whose office lies a short distance from the green line controlled by the United Nations that splits the island’s capital, Nicosia.

Talks to reunite Cyprus under a federal umbrella ended at the Conference on Cyprus in July, when neither side could agree on the chapter on security and guarantees.


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