New Draft Bill to Protect Victims of Dodgy Builders

A new draft bill has been drawn up which will permit the government to seize land and property in a particular set of circumstances. The proposed bill will be an amendment to the 1962 Compulsory Acquisition Act.

The bill is intended to help homebuyers in North Cyprus stuck in the nightmare of legal loopholes, such as people left with partly-built houses or as in the case of the Orams family.

Former Foreign Minister and human rights lawyer Emine Çolak said that the first condition of the bill will cover cases where half-built houses have been abandoned by builders. These could be expropriated in order to avoid environmental pollution.

The second condition of the bill deals with buildings that have been built on historical or archaeological sites. The government would have the right to expropriate the building and compensate the owner.

North Cyprus News - Gary Robb - Amaranta ValleyThe third condition is that if the reputation of the property sector in North Cyprus is being damaged, again, the government will have the power to intervene, such as in the cases of the Kulaksiz claimants, the Orams and possibly even victims of Gary Robb. The government will be able to negotiate a remedy for homebuyers who, through no fault of their own, have fallen victim to unscrupulous builders who have declared themselves bankrupt.

This is the first substantial effort to address the property trap which has created thousands of victims both foreign and local alike, Çolak said.

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