New draft wire tapping law may be considered by Turkey’s MPs

A new draft law is being processed which give far reaching powers to the Turkish National Intelligence Organisation (MIT).

If the law is passed, it will be easier for the MIT to set up wiretapping and will give legal immunity to MIT officials.

Further, an individual could face up to 12 years in prison if found guilty of publishing highly classified MIT documents. This move is thought to be a way to deter journalists from making public, secret documents.

The draft was submitted on Wednesday by two AK party MP’s which was then forwarded to the parliamentary commission on Thursday. If the commission approve the draft law if will then be passed over to the parliamentary General Council for discussion and voting.

According to rumours, the rush is on to get the law voted in as parliament will be closed prior to the local elections on 30th March.

The draft law has attracted criticism as it will give unprecedented powers to an intelligence organisation of an increasingly less democratic country.

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