New East-Med Pipeline will Further Divide Cyprus

President Mustafa Akıncı has criticised the Greek Cypriot Administration for going ahead with plans for the East-Med pipeline project which aims to carry Israeli gas to Europe via Cyprus-Crete and Greece.

President Akıncı was referring to the outcome of a meeting held on Tuesday in Nicosia between President Anastasiades, Greek Prime Minister Tsipras and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu where they agreed to prepare and sign an agreement for the project, this year. Moreover, it is known that the EU has also secured financing for this project.

Akıncı said:

“As I have many times stated before, this is not a route for peace. It is not possible to contribute to peace and stability in the area by excluding the Turkish Cypriot people and Turkey on the issue of the energy resources in the Eastern Mediterranean. The Turkish Cypriots also have rights to the ‘natural gas resources in Cyprus’ open sea. The most reasonable thing to do is to administrate them on the basis of common benefit and transfer them to Europe through Turkey, which, as a route, is the shortest and cheapest one and could be built faster [than any other route]. This is the road which is sensible, will serve peace and stability and contribute to the solution in Cyprus. The East-Med pipeline project does not serve peace efforts on the island and the region.

“A new mistake is about to be made adding to the serious mistake committed by accepting south Cyprus alone into the EU 14 years ago. If the Greek Cypriot side, which has moved away from the solution after entering into the EU, manages alone to take the natural gas wealth and transfer it to Europe by excluding the Turkish Cypriot side and Turkey, their motivation for a solution [to the Cyprus problem], which is anyway very little, will cease to exist. This development will serve nothing other than the division in Cyprus.

“I call on the entire international community and mainly the EU and the UN, which say that they want peace in Cyprus and cooperation and stability in the area, to stand by peace, stability, economic reasoning and sensibility.”


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