New Election Bill Under Scrutiny Before Akinci Signs

President Mustafa Akıncı left for Istanbul on Sunday to deliver a lecture at Yedi Tepe University to mark the start of the Autumn semester.

At Ercan airport, speaking before he departed, he said that the Election and Referendum Law had been sent to the Presidency for approval. It was being examined and a large part of the judicial inspection was about to be completed.

Explaining that the Presidency had no intention of delaying approval of the law, President Akıncı said “we want to be certain about what we are putting our signatures to and therefore we are researching what everything is and making sure that everything is in line with the law”.

Akıncı also announced that on Tuesday he would be holding meetings to that effect.

I want to arrange a meeting on Tuesday with the political parties in parliament, the Parliamentary Speaker and the President of the Supreme Court. After holding discussions with them I’m sure I will be able to comfortably put my signature on the bill”, the President said.


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