New election bill submitted to Assembly ahead of 7 January elections

Proposed changes to the Election and Referendum Bill have been approved by the Legal Affairs and the Foreign Relations Committee and submitted to the plenary session of parliament.

After a three-hour meeting, Committee Chairman, National Unity Party MP İzlem Gürçağ told BRT that the changes that have been unanimously approved by the committee, will be presented to MP’s on Monday to be voted on.

Gürçağ also explained how people will be able to cast their votes and the form in which the ballot papers will be prepared.

Referring to the State printing house, Ms. Gürçağ said there were no problems in this area and added that the State Printing House would be able to print the ballots for the election.

Upon being asked a question regarding the election process, Ms. Gürçağ reiterated that the date for the early elections remains as 7 January and within this framework, the Legal Affairs and the Foreign Relations Committee will be convening on 3 November.

After a decision is taken by the committee, there is a five day waiting period so in order to be able to go to early elections on January 7, on November 13, the decision will be on the agenda of the plenary session at the Republic’s Assembly and therefore the process will begin”, said Gürçağ.


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