New Election Rules Could Cause Chaos

The people do not expect any major changes after the 7 January General Election, according to Turkish Cypriot daily ‘Afrika’.

The paper notes that seven parties and 350 candidates are participating in the elections, adding that many believe that the elections will turn into a fiasco because of the new election system that has been adopted. Two or even three parties are expected to form a coalition government, according to Afrika, therefore it’s very likely that that another round of elections will be held again in a year’s time.

The paper further, examining the situation in the Turkish Cypriot political parties, writes that the public opinion believes that PM Huseyin Ozgurgun is expected to have the same fate as Irsen Kucuk, as regards the leadership of the National Unity Party (UBP). In addition, the Republican Turkish Party (CTP) is regaining its power, while the People’s Party (HP) led by Kudret Ozersay, appears to have lost its former appeal (to the voters). The Democratic Party (DP) led by Serdar Denktas seems to be regaining its power and it shows that it may be able to overcome the election threshold.

The votes that the Communal Democrat Party and the Revival Party (the settlers’ party) will gain are also anticipated with great interest, the paper notes.


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