New electricity ‘smart meters’ now operational

The new smart meters introduced by KIB-TEK became operational as of Monday, the Director of KIB-TEK Mehmet Salih Gürkan has announced.

Gürkan said that as of January 2016, all monitoring and billing of electricity will be automatic.

The smart meters also allow KIB-TEK to cut off power supply to customers who have unpaid electricity bills amounting to over TL469.

“The main difference in this new system is that the electricity supply will be automatically cut off by the system and not by the authority staff”, Gürkan said.

He added that any state-run institutions that have bills that are 90 days overdue, will have their power cut off automatically.

The new system was introduced with the aim of reducing costs. All 160,000 subscribers will have their existing electricity meters replaced by smart meters by the end of the year, Gürkan said.


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