New flight schedule from Glasgow to Ercan in 2014

The official website for Glasgow airport: (then go to flight information) now includes the TRNC as a destination.

Predictably, this has raised a furious reaction from the Greek Cypriots.

The commercial director for Glasgow airport, Francois Bourienne has stated that North Cyprus is a popular destination for the Scots because it is outside the Eurozone. In addition he says that “it is an undiscovered gem in the Mediterranean”.

Flights have already started this summer on a limited basis. The plan is to have a full schedule of flights for 2014.

The Greek Cypriot press in the South has expressed outrage at this development. There have also been critical reactions from the Foreign Ministry and from Hermes, the company that manages the Greek Cypriot airports.

A government press officer for the South has said that a strongly worded letter had already been sent to Glasgow airport authorities.

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