New Flood Defence for Kyrenia

Following the heavy rains last week, Kyrenia Council has started building a major culvert to divert flood waters. This is being built at the Hirondel roundabout on the Kyrenia – Nicosia Road and will be finished in a month.

The major problem with Kyrenia, was that the streams and river beds were causing the flooding, said Mayor of Kyrenia, Sumer Aygin. However, the upkeep for these was the responsibility of the state and they had done nothing in the way of building sluices or dams.

Aygin said that advice from his team, when the new roundabout on the Kyrenia-Nicosia road was being built, had been ignored. This meant that water gathered down an old river bed (Haci Halil river), and then had nowhere to go. This was the major reason that Kyrenia Market had been flooded.

The mayor went on to say that because Kyrenia council was not allowed to decide on what flood defences would best serve the town, for example using dams to hold the rain waters back; it had concentrated on new drainage projects to allow the flood waters easy access out to sea. This is the reason why all roads in Kyrenia have pavements.

There are four river beds in the Kyrenia area that have similar problems. In the event of heavy rains, water has no place to go but into Kyrenia town.

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