New Government Ministers announced

The names of all the new ministers for the coalition government were announced and presented to President Eroglu earlier today.

They are:

Prime Minister: Ozkan Yorgancioglu (CTP)

Deputy Prime Minister: Serdar Denktash (DP)

Minister of Economy and Tourism: Serdar Denktash (DP)

Minister of Interior and Local Government: Teberruken Ulucay (CTP)

Minister of Finance: Zeren Mungan (CTP)

Minister of Foreign Affairs : Ozdil Nami (CTP)

Minister of Agriculture: Onder Sennaroglu (CTP)

Minister of Health: Ahmet Gulle (CTP)

Minister of Transport and Public Works: Ahmet Kasif (DP)

Minister of Sports and Youth: Mustafa Arabacioglu (DP)

Minister of Environment: Hamit Bakirci (DP)

It is noticeable that the interim Prime Minister, Sibel Siber of the CTP failed to get a ministry, despite the fact that she had the highest number votes of any MP in the recent elections.






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