New GP health service launched

A new healthcare service recently launched in Kyrenia. VIP Med Healthcare Services, based on the UK GP surgery model, opened its doors to new patients just over a week ago and is already proving to be very popular – this is the first of its kind in North Cyprus. VIP Med’s mission is “to provide a fırst class healthcare service at an affordable price for the people of North Cyprus.”

The Practice is located near the main roundabout in Kyrenia, just behind Elektrokur. VIP Med will be offering GP consultations with medical assessments and diagnosis, advice, prescriptions, diagnostic tests such as ECG and blood pressure monitoring, laboratory tests and referrals to other medical professionals or hospitals where appropriate. They also have agreements with many hospitals to offer discounts for referred patients.

The doctors, Dr Ozgun Turk and Dr Eliz Mazhar, recognised a major gap in the existing medical care and decided to set up a service to better meet the needs of British and also Russian expats in North Cyprus. Their service is open to all residents and visitors in North Cyprus, plus people in South Cyprus who may wish to use the service too.

New patients will need to register with the Practice by completing a standard registration form and they will then be offered an appointment for a free initial medical consultation, where one of the doctors will take a short medical history.

Dr Ozgun and Dr Eliz have set the bar high for any would-be competitors. They are fully set up to deal with “out of hours” emergencies – the surgery is manned 24/7 with English-speaking staff, a GP always on call and a 24-hour immediate-response ambulance service. The ambulances are fully equipped and manned by an experienced driver, a qualified nurse and a doctor “to ensure that every patient receives a high level of professional care appropriate to their needs.” They also plan to visit each patient at home in order to map their GPS co-ordinates for faster access in an emergency. Preventative medical care is high on their list of priorities, with medical reviews of patient files to identify recommended tests or treatments such as ECGs, mammograms or vaccinations.

While these are bold aims, our visit to the clinic showed them to be well on the way to achieving their goals.

VIP Med can be contacted directly on 0392 444 99 11.

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