New Greek/Turkish language tuition project launched

A young Greek Cypriot has initiated a socio-cultural project called the Cyprus Project which offers free, downloadable courses with a innovative way of learning language that also explores pluralism in languages called Language Transfer.

The Cyprus Project will offer free workshops and downloadable audio courses in Greek, Turkish and the Cypriot  dialects using the Language Transfer method, as well as facilitating language exchange activities the island over in order to bring Cypriots together to practice their languages.

Founder of Language Transfer, Michalis Eleftheriou says that the Cyprus Project is just launching and needs to grow from here; more volunteers are still needed to be trained in the methodology to give free Greek/Turkish workshops and to participate in language exchange facilitation. LT also needs volunteers for creative dissemination to help the project reach across the island.

The first free Greek language workshop will be held at the Cyprus Community Media Centre (CCMC) on Saturday, 10th May. The CCMC is located in the Ledra Palace buffer zone, Nicosia.

The Cyprus-based project, Language Transfer was launched internationally in 2011 and promotes an innovative way of learning a new language called the Thinking Method.

“The Thinking Method completely challenges our relationship with learning and information and needs to be experienced to be believed,” says Katherine Kotsireas, a volunteer with Language Transfer. “Language Transfer gives results you can enjoy right from the beginning of the workshops as you begin to construct sentences out-loud and in real-time right from the get go,” continues Katherine. The Thinking Method not only teaches conversational ability in a new language in record time -in a matter of hours- but promises a fascinating linguistic journey through language, exploring areas that don’t usually make their way into language learning.

The Cyprus Project is completely independent and unfunded says the founder, Michalis Eleftheriou and adds “ It is a product of Cypriot civil society taking ownership over their situation without the permission, bureaucracy or self-censorship usually experienced within the external funding paradigm.”


Kibris Postasi

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