New hotel opens in Yeni Iskele

A new hotel was opened in Yeni Iskele and after speeches there was a display of fireworks. The site of the hotel was chosen so that disabled people could also take a vacation there.

The Sea Life Hotel, which has 55 rooms and bed capacity of 120, belongs to the Noyanlar Group and Halos Ltd partnership.

Speaking during the opening ceremony of the hotel, Minister of Tourism Sunat Atun said that more investments are made every year in Yeni Iskele and added while seven years ago 400,000 tourists visited the TRNC, in 2016 this number rose to 1.2 million. He also said that by the end of 2017, their aim was to increase that number to 1.5 million visitors.

He added that TRNC hotels now have a total bed capacity of 26,000 and the ambition is to increase that number to 40,000.


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