New Kyrenia-Catalkoy Development Plan Published

The Kyrenia-Catalkoy Development Plan has been published in the Official Gazette, Interior Minister Ayşegül Baybars has announced.

North Cyprus News - Aysegul Baybars - Minster of the InteriorMs. Baybars wrote that it was import for people to grow in a harmonious environment. Within this framework and in consultation with all stakeholders, the plan was approved by the UN on 19 January.

In light of these evaluations on 16/02/2018, the Kyrenia – Çatalköy Development Plan published in the Official Gazette”, she said.

She added that: “Interested parties and interested persons can also examine all details of the plan at the Town Planning Department”.

I would like to thank everyone on behalf of our ministry for their efforts. We will continue to do our work for the relevant region and for the country as a whole, and we will do all that is necessary for all the regions to meet the zoning plan. We will increase our participation in our actions, in all cases, by sharing opinions with the relevant stakeholders and experts. We will continue to work to create more liveable, and better planned cities”, the minister concluded.

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