New left-wing Greek government may spell hope for Cyprob

Former TRNC President Mehmet Ali Talat has said that the election of the SYRIZA party is very significant and the world left-wing parties will benefit if  SYRIZA’s leader Alexis Tsipras (above) fulfills his promises.

In statements to Kibris TV, Talat said that he could understand the hope emerging within the Turkish Cypriot political parties after SYRIZA’s victory, but warned that SYRIZA will not be very interested in Cyprus because of the many problems which Greece is facing. Even if it is interested, he added, its interest and influence will not be like “Turkey’s interest and influence which we are used to seeing”. At the end of the day, the Republic of Cyprus is a recognised state and makes its own decisions, Talat noted.

Meanwhile, Turkish Cypriot daily ‘Havadis’ reports that Izzet Izcan, chairman of the United Cyprus Party (BKP), said that his party has close relations with SYRIZA and described the latter’s stance on the Cyprus problem as “positive”, recalling that it had supported the “yes” vote during the Annan Plan referendum. He noted that SYRIZA supports normalisation and detente with Turkey and a federal solution under the UN umbrella in Cyprus. He said that SYRIZA presents a “serious chance” for the Cyprus problem.

Murat Kanatli, member of the executive committee of the New Cyprus Party (YKP), said that it is still early to comment on SYRIZA’s stance as regards the Cyprus problem. Noting that Tsipras has stated that he would pay his first visit abroad as prime minister to Cyprus, Kanatli noted that he expects Greece and Turkey to unite and become a “coercive element” for a solution in Cyprus.

Ferdi Sabit Soyer, MP for the Republican Turkish Party (CTP), said that SYRIZA’s victory is a “very exciting” development and expressed the hope that SYRIZA will improve the relations between Turkey and Greece and ease relations between the Greek Cypriot community, Turkey and Greece.

Kudret Ozersay, candidate in the forthcoming presidential elections, has argued that SYRIZA will focus on Greece’s internal structural problems and therefore he does not think that the Cyprus problem and other issues will be a priority. He added though, that when serious crises exist within a country its administrators might prefer to direct attention to external issues by creating “others” and “enemies”. He noted that he cannot predict SYRIZA’s stance on the Cyprus problem and expressed the view that the economic situation in South Cyprus and to what extent the Greek Cypriot leadership will be able to direct the community is more important than SYRIZA’s stance.

Mustafa Akinci, also candidate in the forthcoming presidential elections, has expressed the hope that SYRIZA’s victory will positively influence the Cyprus problem and noted that he expects SYRIZA to “see the solution in Cyprus more favourably“. He argued that Greece could contribute in the solution of the problem, just like Turkey, but the ones who should actually solve the problem are the communities living on the island.

Finally, Turkish Cypriot daily ‘Kibris Postasi’ reports that National Unity Party (UBP) deputy, Sunat Atun said that he did not feel that Tsipras had made any sensible promises ahead of the elections and they did not expect him to make any moves on Cyprus until he had secured his own country’s political and economic stability. Atun said it would be interesting to see how Tsipras would “bury Troika”, as he promised.

Mehmet Cakici, MP and former leader of the Social Democracy Party (TDP) said that he believed SYRIZA would force the Cyprus issue because of their radical attitude and left-wing stance. Cakici noted that he believes the party will display a different stance. He also added that the TDPs policies are similar to SYRIZA’s.

Sources Kibris Postasi and Havadis

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