New Marina Planned for Famagusta

Tenders will be offered when government work is completed, to build a new yacht marina in Famagusta, Minister of Tourism and Environment, Fikri Ataoglu has said.

The marina  will be constructed using the BOT (build-operate transfer model) model.

Ataoglu said: “Famagusta yacht harbour project is currently up to date. The marina will create positive results for the TRNC on the international platform, especially for the people of the country”.

North Cyprus News - MarinaHe noted that there was a limited number of new investments in France, Spain and Italy, which constitute 75% of the marina facilities in this region and there have been annual increases in the number of yachts, reaching about 1 million in the Mediterranean. This highlighted the fact that Northern Cyprus and the countries of the region have made this area attractive.

In order to meet the capacity needed in addition to the marinas that are being operated, Ataoglu stated that Famagusta yacht marina will open the door to the world, saying that it is very important to establish the necessary infrastructure for yacht tourism with public facilities, the BOT model and private sector investment and to emphasise the role of tourism in the country.

Ataoglu said that the project prepared by considering the contribution of the BOT model to the economy is designed as a complete social-cultural complex in which the needs of our country and the people of Famagusta are kept in the foreground. The Custom’s building, cafe, restaurant, car parking for users of the marina will say that North Cyprus can offer decent facilities to sailors.

Kibris News Agency

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