New Military Base in Yeni Iskele Will Ruin Tourism

North Cyprus News - Military BaseThe Turkish Armed Forces has obtained the necessary permissions for the establishment of a military base in the Kalicek region of Yeni Iskele, which a tourism area and is located next to the old harbour, used in the past for the carob trade.

According to Turkish Cypriot daily ‘Havadis’, the allegation that a military base would be established in this area has caused dismay and disappointment not only to the inhabitants in the area but also to the investment circles in North Cyprus.

The allegations say also that if a military base is established, the Turkish Armed Forces will put up a wire fence around the whole area and because of this, tourists who would like to visit the area would come across armed soldiers and barracks.

North Cyrus News - Cafer Gurcafer
President of the Cyprus Turkish Construction Contractors Association Cafer Gürcafer

President of the Cyprus Turkish Construction Contractors Association Cafer Gürcafer said that while there might be a need for defense and security, he expected the authorities to show sensitivity to local development needs. He said:

Allowing such a facility in the Kalecik region is synonymous to throwing away the Regional Development Plan completely. This is disrespectful to all the people who have worked for a year to prepare this plan and put forward opinions. It will kill the enthusiasm for planning in the region. This action will bring about a further decline in the belief in politics.

We expect to see this mistake reversed as soon as possible and for the military facility to be moved to a more suitable region that will not adversely affect the investment required for the local economy”.


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