New Minimum Wage Barely Covers Expenses

The new gross minimum wage has been set at 2,620 TL.

The lowest net salary starting as of 1 September will be 2,279 TL. The new minimum wage, the second this year, was raised by the commission in charge of determining the minimum wage.

North Cyprus News - Zeki CelerSpeaking after the commission’s meeting, Minister of Labour and Social Security Zeki Celer said that the minimum wage was something which concerned everyone. Pointing out that it was impossible for a family of four to get by for a whole month on the minimum wage; Celer said that the four-party coalition’s government views on the matter are clear. He added that the time has come to determine minimum wages according to the different sectors in the economy. Celer also stated that should conditions dictate, it would be possible to review the minimum wage once again before the end of the year. He also reminded that the minimum wage had been raised by 445TL since the beginning of the year.

Meanwhile, commenting on the determination of the minimum wage, columnist Sami Ozuslu in a commentary in Turkish Cypriot daily Yeni Duzen newspaper writes that the new minimum wage in the TRNC is actually 350 pounds sterling. Ozuslu wonders how a family can afford to live on such a wage, if it has to pay £200-250 for house rent, or to pay electricity and other household expenses.

BRTK, Yeni Duzen

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