New Minimum Wage Set

The Minimum Wage Commission announced its decision today, to set the minimum wage for 2013. This has been eagerly awaited by workers who have not seen an increase of the minimum wage for two years.

The new numbers were announced today by the Labour and Social Security Minister Serife Unverdi. She stated that the gross minimum wage had gone up from TL1300 to TL1415. This represents an 8% increase.

This means that after two years of price increases and deducting NI contributions, the net amount received would be around TL1230 per month.

Mehmet Sayis, the head of Dev-Is, the public servants’ union reacted angrily. He said that he had been anticipating this ‘comical’ increase. After two years, the purchasing power of employees had fallen by 50% and that the increase had no logic to support it. It should have risen to at least TL1800, he added.

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