New Negotiating Process Essential: Nami

Turkish Cypriot negotiator, Ozdil Nami has said that as long as the Cyprus problem exists, efforts to find a solution will continue but the new effort should be result-oriented and the process should be different.

Nami said that statements declaring that everything is over and that everyone will go their own way are groundless. He reiterated the following:

“The new effort should be result-oriented. It should be a different process. We see this as a structure which will have a concrete time limit and if the Greek Cypriots say no again, the status of the Turkish Cypriots will be defined. If the Greek Cypriot side puts forward a different structure which will be persuasive, constructive and have the approval of the Turkish side, let them put it forward and with the UN’s help, we will create a new structure within the framework of an agreement. I think that this is necessary. If the Greek Cypriots use delaying tactics again, the world will undertake its responsibility. We put forward this framework in order to motivate the Greek Cypriots. If the Greek Cypriots do not accept this framework, we will be able to turn to the world and say: ‘Look we do not have a serious interlocutor before us. There is a side which does not want the issue to end, but it is presented as if it wants the continuation of the negotiations. The Turkish Cypriots should not pay the price for this. Therefore, you should lift the isolation, the embargoes”.

Referring to the UNSG’s call on both sides to use the current period to reflect on the results of the last series of negotiations, Nami said that they are doing so and have started expressing these concrete proposals as a part of this process. He said: “The Greek Cypriot side does not say anything new. They say that we will continue from the point where we left off. No one should put us into such a process”.

Yeni Duzen

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