New photovoltaic energy park completed

The new Photovoltaic Electricity Power Plant project which covers 14,000 square meters, has been completed by the International Cyprus University (UKÜ).

In addition to being the greatest renewable energy project in North Cyprus, it also provides an example to the international community. The project has been achieved by being installed on 4 different areas of flat roof, inclined roof, land and car park.

The Head of the Sustainable Energy Research Centre Assoc. Prof. Dr. Serkan Abbasoğlu stated that after conducting a feasibility study, the total cost of the project is 1.5 million euros.  Their study has even been published in ‘Solar Energy’ magazine which is the highest regarded magazine covering the field of solar energy.

Furthermore, stating that the project has been linked to other universities on the island via a central monitoring station and it has the feature of a natural laboratory, especially for engineering students, Abbasoğlu said that the project has been visited by many authorities from various countries such as Pakistan, US, Iran, Iraq, China and Turkey and it provides a template for many projects.

Adding that 4131 panels have been installed and 350.000 kilowatt hours of the produced energy will be given to the TRNC Energy Transmission Line, Abbasoğlu said that in this way, 200,000 Turkish liras will be contributed to the economy of the island each year.

It was also said that this project meets 80% of the energy needs of the university, during the daytime.

TRNC Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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