New PM delivers coalition agenda to the Assembly

The newly established coalition government will have no problems meeting all its financial responsibilities, Prime Minister Huseyin Ozgurgun, has said.

Speaking after the first meeting of the new Council of Ministers, he added that civil servants’ salaries and a large portion of other payments will be met within the current month.

The new government then presented its programme to the Assembly on Friday. Next Wednesday the government will ask for a vote of confidence from the Assembly. Ozgurgun also stated that despite the coalition government having only 23 deputies, he expected to get the consenting vote of the independent deputies.

Bayrak television reporting on the coalition’s programme as read out to the Assembly by Ozgurgun, said that the UBP-DP government will continue to support efforts to reach a bi-communal, bi-zonal federal solution to the Cyprus problem. This would be on the basis of political equality despite criticisms of the Greek Cypriot side’s stance on the issue.

The report points out, however, that any settlement reached on the Cyprus problem must ensure the continuation of Turkey’s effective guarantees and must seek to protect the Turkish-Greek balance in the region. It says that the solution must also preserve the socio-economic structure established over the years on both sides of the island, keeping the forced relocation of people to a minimum.

The property issue must be solved mainly through compensation, exchange or limited restitution. The bi-zonal nature of a settlement must not be watered down through ‘special status areas’ the programme stated.

While expressing support for initiatives aimed at building confidence between the two sides, Ozgurgun stated that the new government will work towards the implementation of Confidence Building measures.

Also touching upon the issue of hydrocarbons, the government programme states that “the natural resources of the island can and should be used for cooperation and not be turned into a source of conflict”.

It says that the government, in cooperation, will do all it can to defend and protect the rights of the Turkish Cypriots if any attempts are made to usurp their rights.

According to the programme, the two parties are also promising to undertake a series of reforms, infrastructural projects and privatisations as stated in the 2016-2018 economic protocol, and to prepare the Turkish Cypriot and TRNC institutions for EU membership.

Ortam, BRT

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