New political party born in North – SDP

“The Turkish Cypriots are fed up with the UBP (National Unity Party), CTP (Republican Turkish Party) and DP (Democrat Party)” said Tozun Tunali, the spokesperson of the newly established political party Social Democrat Party (SDP), ‘Kibris Postasi’ reports.

Following registration of the new party, Tunali said that the party was neither left nor right-wing but democratic. He claims that there is a great deal of support from people for the newly established SDP.

He told the newspaper that: “We will act according to our principles and will embrace everyone who lives in TRNC. There are parties, who claim to be leftist but act differently, and there are parties, who call themselves right-wing but act differently. Our aim is to stand at an equal distance from everyone. Whatever social democracy means in Europe it will mean the same in the TRNC”.

According to him, fewer people are voting because people are “fed up with UBP, CTP and DP and that people do not have confidence in the politicians. This is our biggest advantage as none of us are yet politicians”, said Tunali.

Referring to the SDP’s position on the Cyprus problem, Tunali said that they support the joint policies of Turkey and the TRNC regarding the Cyprus problem and that they are not giving up on the TRNC.

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