New Prime Minister holds first press conference

The TRNC’s new Prime Minister, Ozkan Yorgancioglu held his first press conference today.

He said that the TRNC was facing serious problems and that his government would be working hard to overcome them.

Mr Yorgancioglu said that he would be proposing that parliament had a much shorter summer break. This would be discussed at the first Council of Ministers’ meeting tomorrow.

Replying to a specific question from the press, he said that as with the interim government, his ministers would limit their usage of official cars.

In fact, in general, the new government would stay true to the style and application of the interim government led by Sibel Siber.

Again responding to a specific press question, Mr Yorgancioglu said that he was critical of the announcement of the promotions list made by the police authority earlier today. He felt that they should have waited and reviewed the promotions with his government.

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